Casual Learning Advisor - Expression of Interest

The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Program is administered at CQUniversity Australia through the Indigenous Student Engagement Team. This program provides tutoring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who require learning assistance in their formal course of study.
This form is to be completed by applicants wishing to express an interest to provide tutoring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary students.
  • Please note - This form is not a guarantee of work.
Please select below (this information is for culturally sensitive purposes)
Do you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?
What are your formal qualifications? (Tick the one/s that best describe formal studies completed)
Please give details - exact name of qualification/s:
Have you been previously employed in a teaching role?
If yes, please provide details of prior experience:
Have you previously been a registered Learning Advisor?
Do you have any other experience which would make you a suitable learning advisor (tutor) to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students?
If yes, please provide details.
In what areas of study and skills would you prefer to assist with? eg: Nursing, Essay Writing, Referencing
Are you willing to provide tutoring via:
I have read, understood and signed this agreement. I declare that the information concerning me on this form is complete and correct. I acknowledge that I will be paid the prescribed fee for the provision of learning advice to students.